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What is an EnviroRisk Screening Report?

EnviroRisk Wizard (HSBC-specific) and EnviroRisk Lend are high-level environmental screening product designed to support lenders and chartered surveyors in identifying key investment risks relating to contaminated land liabilities, flood and coal mining subsidence.

Delivered by Waterman’s award-winning Environmental Due Diligence team, the screening reports provides a fast-turnaround commercial evaluation of likely environmental risk, and provides pragmatic recommendations to refine risk ratings wherever necessary, allowing clients’ transactions to proceed with peace of mind.

EnviroRisk Wizard and EnviroRisk Lend form part of the EnviroRisk product range, which is designed to provide effective environmental due diligence advice to our clients. Whatever the transaction, the timescale or budget, there is an EnviroRisk product which can help.

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